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Voyage Pays de Galles / Trip to Wales

Soldier’s letter

Publié le samedi 7 avril 2018 17:03 - Mis à jour le samedi 7 avril 2018 17:03

Soldier’s letter :

1/ Living conditions

There are a lot of = loads of = plenty of = numerous = lots of = many rats. We may suppose = presume = guess = believe = imagine / infer = deduce / wonder = ask ourselves the question that the soldiers' living conditions were hard = difficult = harsh = rough = tough. Their environment revealed itself unhealthy / dirty   = filthy = unhygienic = slovenly = unsanitary = grimy / muddy.

Furthermore = moreover = on top of that = in addition, they were not allowed to write diaries which was very painful to them because = as = for = since they end up being completely = totally = utterly = deeply = highly = extremely isolated /  cut off from their families. It is also clear that their letters were censored and they were aware = conscious of it. Unfortunately the soldiers did not have any means of being relieved / letting the steam out / releasing the pressure. They were on their own = by themselves.

The soldier confesses they were soak and wet, covered with mud / rats / lice. They had to = they were obliged = forced = compelled = contrived to carry the heavy dead bodies of their friends.


2/ Feelings

The soldiers appeared to be horrified = terrified = panic-stricken = in a panic. They were constantly anxious = stressed = tense and had no respite / rest / break and were under permanent pressure.

We learn that this soldier misses his family a lot. He wants to see his wife and daughter / he wishes he could see / he saw his relatives. He seems to be impatient to share quality time with them. He longs to clasp them in his arms / he desires / he dreams of hugging them.  Although = though the soldier seems bitter / upset / annoyed because he considers / he is convinced that this First World War is much too long, he still keeps some hope / a glimmer of hope = a shining beacon of hope / he shows himself hopeful = full of hope. On the one hand, he depicts himself optimistic about the future / his destiny = fate. On the other hand, he remains = stays affected by the horror of the conflict. He is torn apart / he has mixed feelings. He is facing a dilemma but in reality  = in fact = as a matter of fact = indeed = actually he does not have much choice / he has the impression he is locked = trapped = stuck in a deadlock.

A slain = slaughter = massacre : the soldier uses  powerful words to express his sorrow / suffering / pain / inner emotions / his deepest thoughts.


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